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Willkommen bei iSERV, der Wasseraufbereitungsspezialist

iSERV is a specialized service provider for water treatment. iSERV provides its customers with intelligent, reliable, sustainable and cost efficient services. Areas of specialism cover industrial, pure and ultra-pure water processed by Ion Exchange and Reverse Osmosis, Membrane Technology, (ultra-) Filtration and Softening techniques. Our experienced staff makes the difference. Contact us via info@iservwater.net. Clients can login via the Client Portal.


Ion Exchange Services

iSERV has build up a specific competence in the Ion Exchange Technology and has broad experience with water plants and installations of any kind and make.

Operation Support

iSERV is able to support your operations and maintenance issues with dedication and by the most cost-effective means.

Consultancy Services

iSERV acts from an independent position and audits your water plant,the process, the devices and used materials to suggest improvements or changes.

Membrane Services

The iSERV in-house expertise and techniques can improve the reliability and longivety of the membranes. iSERV services and supplies membranes of any kind and make.


On-Site Services

iSERV focuses on customers' operational needs and offers flexibility, practibility and quality, appreciated and rewarded by our important references.


Feel free to contact us: info@iservwater.net or +32 89 364660. Clients can use the Client Portal for direct assistance and remote monitoring via ' i-SERV '.

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